15 July 2020

Princesses, princes and magicians came together for the young and cheerful children of our colleagues from Zagrebačka Banka and Zaba Grupa at the first ever virtual Zaba Children’s Day, an interactive workshop led by the Lab of Fun

2:00 min

120 colleagues and their children logged on to two separate online events for Zaba Children’s Day where they had the chance to listen to educational stories about a prince, a princess, a witch and many other fairy-tale characters, brought to them by the Lab of Fun’s storytellers.


When the story had finished, the children joined an online workshop that included educational messages, with the opportunity to create small pieces of art while learning important values through games, dialogue and craft.


Listening to stories using laptops that their parents normally use for work has been very insightful for the children – it has been an opportunity for them to associate these devices as more than just something their parents’ eyes are glued to all day. Children felt valued and was very enthusiastic hearing these stories through electronic devices.


At the end, the proud mascot of Zaba Children’s Day, Zaba Bee, promised the hard working, artistic participants of the workshop that they will receive gifts, which are currently being packaged to be sent to them all..


Zagrebačka Banka would like to thank everyone who has participated and made the first two Zaba Children’s Day events fun, creative and interesting!