17 December 2020

UniCredit banks across the CEE region are making a difference this Christmas

2:00 Min

Instead of buying corporate Christmas gifts, UniCredit Serbia has made a donation to the National Health Insurance fund on behalf of its employees and clients. Clients will receive a special greeting card and a small gift as a symbol of their unity, not only in doing business together, but in fighting for the right cause.


UniCredit Russia will continue its tradition of providing New Year gifts for elderly people. All employees are invited to take part and help lonely elderly people who are wards of the Joy of Old Age charitable foundation. This year the Foundation is fundraising rather than collecting gifts. The amount collected will be used to purchase gifts and set tables in each nursing house so that none of the elderly will be left aside. Employees can make donations via a specially-created web page and see in real time how much has been collected so far.


Zagrebačka Banka has prepared generous gift vouchers for over 8,000 children living in poverty while UniCredit Hungary is supporting vulnerable children through the Fortune Tent (Fortély sátor) FoundationFrom Street to Home (Utcáról Lakásba) Association and special kindergarten of Shelter (Oltalom) Charity Organisation.


In addition, instead of purchasing corporate Christmas gifts, UniCredit Bank Hungary will support the work of InDaHouse Hungary Association, whose educational program helps disadvantaged children in Borsod County develop into independent and responsible adults. With the support of UniCredit, the organisation will be able to provide education for nearly six months.


Last but not the least, UniCredit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia has prepared special surprises for the youngest members of the UniCredit family. These initiatives include online events with famous local stars, special presents, Christmas coupons and custom made fairytales with drawings of the employees’ kids, giving UniCredit children a unique Christmas celebration.