04 February 2021

This month, UniCredit Bank Romania together with Teach for Romania launched the first national Digital Academy of Leadership & Pedagogy for public education teachers #PartOfTheSolution

2:00 Min

In recent months, we have seen the importance of the connection between teacher and student more than ever. We had to starting questioning things such as how does a child’s brain learn via online methods? What does digital teaching mean beyond a Zoom call or a WhatsApp group? How can a teacher shape their classes, combining the online and offline environment?

The Digital Academy believes that digital education is possible for all children in Romania in the 21st century with the support of professional and well-educated teachers.

That is why, in a joint partnership, we launched a six-week program for teachers who are tech-savvy, clear-thinking, inspiring and available to provide online and offline quality education. You can find more details about the Digital Academy here.

“We aim to transform the educational approach in Romania by fostering a new digital pedagogy. If we can’t bring children to school, we will bring school to them. We will reform the learning process using technology to provide quality online education for all children in Romania, regardless of the circumstances”, said Iulia Pielmuș, CEO of Teach for Romania.

The first digital pedagogy academy in Romania is working on the connections that matter and together we will invest in the educational model of the future.