From 26th to the 28th March, UniCredit brought three young companies in the agrifood sector to Taste. Being the main partner of Pitti Immagine, it was important for us that all 3 companies have sustainability and innovation in their DNA.

2:00 min

It is essential to support innovative and eco-sustainable ideas that are born with the purpose of guaranteeing a better future for our communities; this was one of the key points that emerged during the talk organized by UniCredit, titled "The food of the future: finance to support a sustainable food chain" in the final day of the fair in Florence.


This meeting, moderated by Massimiliano Tonelli, Founder and Editorial Director of Artribune, was an opportunity for dialogue, focus and best practice sharing on important issues such as environmental and social sustainability and the application of new technologies to the sector of Made in Italy food industry.

These topics were also discussed by Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, Livio Stellati, Head of Territorial Development Centro Nord UniCredit, Giusy Stanziola, Start Lab & Development Programs UniCredit, Alessandro Iacomoni of Salumeria di Monte San Savino and three representatives of the innovative startups invited: 3Bee, Biorfarm and Tomato+.


"The talk was really constructive and important" says Alessandro Iacomoni of Salumeria di Monte San Savino "because it has put innovative companies and startups side by side. Thanks to UniCredit, an important and careful financial partner, it is possible to build supply chains that enhance Made in Italy agri-food development to increase sustainable and qualitative productivity in full respect of our territories".


"We want to solve real problems, such as the reduction of biodiversity and bee mortality" says Niccolò Calandri, CEO & Co-Founder 3Bee "we have, therefore, developed a system that allows us to understand the health of bees and the environment that surrounds them, to report it to the beekeeper and to intervene, with the fundamental aim of protecting biodiversity and bees through technology".


"At the base of our project there are two pillars, small producers and users who rediscover nature and traditions by taking part in the creation of a more sustainable system" adds Osvaldo De Falco, CEO & Co-Founder of Biorfarm "that's why our Agricola Digitale community allows us to adopt different types of crops, monitor the work of farmers and then benefit from the fruits at home. A unique experience and support to the territory."


"We are trying to plant the seed of a revolution" concludes Daniele Rossi, CEO & Co-Founder Tomato+ "literally, making smart indoor greenhouses to grow quality sprouts, herbs and vegetables, in a simple and natural way, cutting down on transportation costs, reducing water waste and Co2 emissions".


"UniCredit - explains Livio Stellati, Head of Territorial Development Centro Nord UniCredit - acts as a partner for the development of the Italian production system. We do this by maintaining the focus on small businesses, supply chains and, more generally, the territory. Our goal is to accompany their sustainable growth. For this reason, we offer targeted solutions such as Finanziamento Futuro Sostenibile (Sustainable Future Financing), supporting companies committed to improving their sustainability profile, and achieving results based on ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance."