The 15th and 16th February saw the successful live streaming of the second edition of StartUp Plus, a program created by UniCredit Start Lab to support startups in getting to know the main players and competitive dynamics of the Italian and international innovation ecosystem.

2:00 min

Thanks to its popular take-up, we wanted to share the full video of the StartUp Plus digital event, which allowed a large number of Italian entrepreneurs with next generation projects to meet professionals, opinion leaders and exponents of the world of innovation in order to shore up their business initiatives.


The first of the two days focused on “everything you need to know to create a startup”.


Danilo Mazzara from Accenture outlined the aspects that are useful to refine the business idea around which to build a project. Antonio Perdichizzi from Tree/Opinno Italia then covered the ‘start-up moment’ of the project and the subsequent checkpoints to be made as the enterprise takes shape. Francesca Perrone and Giusy Stanziola from UniCredit Start Lab then took the stage, illustrating how to effectively represent a new project through the business plan tool. Finally, Lucia Chierchia of Gellify explained what it takes to make the ‘quantum leap’, whilst Mind the Gum founder Giorgio Pautrie closed the session with his own formative experiences.

StartUp Plus - How to build and launch a startup - Part 1, February 15, 2022

The second part of the day was dedicated to ‘brand building’ with several more interesting speakers. The session began with the story of Giovanni Ciferri, founder of Buddyfit. IAG’s Leonardo Giagnoni then delved into the most common pitfalls that litter the path of nascent enterepreneurs and, in the ensuing roundtable, we examined the mistakes together with Gianfranco Bellezza from Golden Bridge Consulting, Andrea Cinelli from FoolFarm, Andrea Zorzetto from Plug and Play and Davide Maggi from Cesarine.

StartUp Plus - How to build and launch a startup - Part 2, February 15, 2022

‘Startup fundraising’ was the standalone theme of the first part of the second day. We kicked off by analyzing the different avenues startups have to raise capital with Giusy Stanziola and Stefania Bajo from UniCredit Start Lab. Then, the characteristics, timing and protagonists of each type of funding were discussed with Nicola Redi of Venture Factory as we familiarized ourselves with business angels and venture capital alongside Antonella Grassigli from Doorway and Stefano Guidotti from P101. Emmanuele Angione from Lira unpacked the European tools for startups, in particular the EIC Accelerator, while UniCredit’s Luisa Mancinelli degli Esposti looked at subsidized finance in greater depth.

StartUp Plus - How to fund the startup - Part 1, February 16, 2022

As the event drew to a close, the focus shifted to an increasingly central theme in corporate culture – that of sustainability. We talked about the necessity of startups generating a social or environmental benefit in the company of Fabio Tentori from Enel and Enea Roveda from Lifegate. Then, with Antonia Verna from Portolano Cavallo, we dealt with the legal aspects of investment negotiation.


At the end of our journey, Francesca Perrone and Sabrina Boifava provided a deep dive on UniCredit Start Lab, analyzing in detail how to access the platform and the opportunities that is presents for startup members.

StartUp Plus - How to fund the startup - Part 2, February 16, 2022