At UniCredit we work daily to offer our stakeholders not just the best products and services but also to make them available in a digital, integrated and above all secure way. Thanks to our new soon to be launched campaign you will learn how to live digitally in a safe and secure way following some simple yet essential tips.  

2:00 min

When you accept technical cookies on a website, when you update your device or enter a complex password - with numbers, letters and special characters - in your account on an e-commerce website, when you spot a potential phishing email and delete it... that's what cyber security is, all that and much more.

Think about how much information and data you more or less consciously share every day in your online life, from social media to many small things you now only do online: booking a doctor's appointment, buying a cinema ticket, taking a yoga or pilates class.

This is why cyber security is so important. At UniCredit we work every day not only to offer our stakeholders the best products and services - including payment services - but also to make them available in a digital, integrated and above all secure way. 

With this in mind we continue to invest in strengthening our cyber security defences and raising awareness among our customers and stakeholders about the importance of protecting their data and devices, to avoid data and identity theft and potential online scams.

To help you enjoy your digital life with confidence, we have devised a small digital security education path, which includes all the tips you need to always be safe and secure: how to protect your devices, recognise a secure site, escape the traps of social engineering and much more.

Coming soon the first video about “Secure password: How to build a strong password and avoid security risks” and find out what being a truly digital bank means to us. 


See you soon!