Since July, UniCredit Bank in Czech Republic and Slovakia has been gradually deploying artificial intelligence in its recruitment process via UniCredit chatbot; a smart recruitment chatbot that interviews candidates for the first round and provides valuable data not only to the company but also to candidates. UniCredit Bot can do more than any other chatbot on the Czech and Slovak market. It not only talks to candidates, but also analyses their data, tests them, and sorts them according to their suitability for the position.

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"Digitalisation is primarily to save people work where technology can do it ", said Hana Čitbajová, Head of People and Culture presenting the strategy behind the smart recruitment chatbot project. "Thanks to the chatbot, we have more time to concentrate on consultancy, advice and direct contact with employees. This is where I see the future of people care and human development".

UniCredit Bot can determine how a person fits into our bank by carrying out a profile fit, i.e., the ability to succeed in a position based on core competencies, commitment, and mindset. The chatbot makes recruitment faster, more flexible, and more open to different talents.

"We see strategic work with data as the future and want to be market leaders in it. The chatbot project that we have launched is so unique that we plan to use it not only for recruitment, but also for the development of existing employees. The Chatbot is also an important part of UniCredit Bank's overall digital strategy.", says Jakub Dusílek, CEO of UniCredit Bank, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"We are gradually making our main retail products digital. We are constantly innovating our mobile and Internet banking as well as launching a new application for private clients. Chatbot demonstrates that we can fully leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to attract quality colleagues who will strengthen our teams. ", stated Marco Iannaccone, General Manager.

The intelligent chatbot doesn't just ask common HR questions, it creates a personality profile for each candidate and e-mails it to them, even if they do not meet the requirements for the position. UniCredit wants to reward the candidates' time and interest, and at the same time motivate them for further growth. The profile also includes tips on how to continue to improve, for example when sharing information with the team or your own motivation.


The future of data

Recruitment chatbots that collect basic candidate information already exist on the market, but none of them can work with the collected data like UniCredit Bot. Ordinary chatbots can only interview candidates according to a pre-prepared script that asks mainly about professional experience. UniCredit Bot goes much further, measuring how candidates fit a position, their approach to work, but also logical thinking. The data is then analysed in detail and the UniCredit Bank recruitment team uses the personality profile, which is part of the output from the chatbot, to find out not only what the candidate can do, but more importantly, how they will fit into the team.


The chatbot can measure whether a candidate is better suited to be an analyst or a salesperson, how motivated they are for their own growth and whether they have managerial potential. Moreover, its predictions will only get better: the more candidates it recruits, the smarter it gets.