Discovering the path for growth of 
female-led start-ups created by UniCredit Start Lab and Nativa 

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Tech Women for Sustainable Business - UniCredit Journey for Impact Transformation is the six-month initiative dedicated to 20 innovative Italian start-ups - differing in sector and geographical origin - but united by a common ground: female leadership. 

The objective of the project is to contribute to the evolution of gender equality and to support female tech entrepreneurs in relation to one of the current greatest challenges  integrating ESG factors into their activities, processes and business strategies. 

UniCredit Start Lab's initiative partner is NATIVA, Regenerative Innovation Company and Europe's first B Corp and Benefit company, which for years has been accelerating the evolution of companies and start-ups towards a regenerative economic mode, incorporating sustainability into their DNA. 

In a series of dedicated articles, One UniCredit will share the insights and motivations of the founders participating in the project. We asked them what made them decide to join the programme and why they believe in ESG matters. Here  are their first answers, including  a brief presentation of their entities: 


CarPlanner is as a car subscription marketplace, i.e. a digital platform that aggregates the best car subscription offers on the market, and formulas such as Long-Term Rental.  CarPlanner is based on a technology that uses ChatBots throughout the user's journey, from choosing the right car to signing the rental contract. 


"I see the concept of sustainability - intended as environmental, social and economic sustainability - as a key pillar for entrepreneurship. It's about combining corporate benefits with business benefits so that entrepreneurs, their employees and investors succeed. I'm very curious about Sustainable Business, I'm considering converting CarPlanner into a benefits company and I'd like to explore this topic further." 



CEO & Founder 


Chitè is the first customisable and made-to-measure online lingerie  brand. Craftsmanship and responsible production are the values of Chitè's Italian ateliers. Founded by Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi, the mission is to offer all women a unique and interactive shopping experience. 

 "As a young startup Chitè identified craftsmanship and sustainability as its founding values. We believe in EGS themes because our brand wants to continue supporting local economies, such as artisan ateliers, which can have a positive impact on reducing waste, environmental sustainability and safeguarding the planet." 



CEO & Founder Chitè

Creative Director Founder Chitè


ComfTech is a leading company in Italy in the design and production of wearable monitoring systems. The company's goal is to create smart clothing able to support everyone who wears it daily, from new-borns to the elderly , with a human-centered and sustainable approach.  

"At ComfTech we recognise diversity of cultures and talents as a core value. We believe in conscious and responsible innovation that brings well-being to the environment, to communities and to  future generations. We always think about emotions and technology with a view to sustainable innovation and with people  at the core."



CEO & Founder ComTech


EMOJ is an innovative start-up created to transform the world of Customer Experience, with a solution that activates empathic connections thanks to the recognition of the complex status of each individual. A leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, EMOJ puts humans at the centre of the journey to develop unique emotional digital and physical experiences. 

"ESG principles set companies on a growth path   to help improve the fabric of society and respect of the environment. They outline guidelines for products and services, i.e. concrete actions that include human diversity in every aspect of life and reduce the waste of energy and of raw materials." 




Presidente & Founder EMOJ