We continue our in-depth analysis of the growth path dedicated to female-led start-ups, created by UniCredit Start Lab and Nativa.

2:00 min

In a series of dedicated articles, One UniCredit will share the insights and motivations of the founders participating in "Tech Women for Sustainable Business - UniCredit Journey for Impact Transformation", the 6-month project developed in partnership with NATIVA and dedicated to 20 innovative Italian start-ups - different in terms of sector and geographical origin - but united by a common ground: female leadership.


In this second episode, we also asked them why they joined the programme and why they believe in ESG values. These are their answers with a brief presentation of their businesses:


Fili Pari


Co-Founder Fili Pari


Fili Pari is the start-up focused on research and development of innovative,marble-based fabrics and garments, which respect the environment and the territory. Patented MARM \ MORE is the first marble-powder made fabric.


"ESG is an important indicator that allows us to read into the company's progress, a fundamental driver of innovation." 


Graffiti for Smart City



CEO & Co-Founder di Graffiti for Smart City 


Graffiti for Smart City produces smart walls, intelligent walls composed by bio resin mosaics (made by Mosaico Digitale) and a control unit which offers a Wi-Fi hotspot connection; the possibility to speak with a virtual assistant, who answers questions and offers entertainment services; the  integration of services requested ad hoc, given it is  a completely upgradeable hardware and the possibility to guarantee services compatible with 5G technology.


"I believe in ESG because a company works better if it applies sustainable criteria in its routine, producing money and ethical results. The thought and information of each human being continually evolves going more and more in the direction of sustainability.

Today it is extremely important  to demonstrate the positive impact that companies have on society and the environment!"




CEO Homepal


A real estate social network that can also be used through an APP compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, Homepal is a platform where private users can independently manage property sales and rental negotiations, without any intermediation.


"ESG is, indeed, an investment rather than a cost, and nowadays a true need.

Facing  sustainability challenges can help companies make good long-term investment decisions. I'd say that 'those who care win'". 




Business Development and Commercial Services.


ISCLEANAIR / APA is a business being rolled-out since April 2017. Based on qualifications, extensive validations and certifications already acquired and proven, positioning and technological superiority demonstrated and recognised in the field of environmental air purification. ISCLEANAIR can be classified as Global Leader Technology and Solutions (GLeTS). We pursue the development, transfer of Intellectual Property, industrialisation and commercialisation of APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology on a global scale.


"ESG issues represent an opportunity for us to make an effective contribution to achieving the final goal: to fight climate change and improve people's quality of life. We operate not only economically, but we are also inspired and act in a sustainable way, in the unstoppable green business revolution that has  started all over the world, helping solve the  climate cahnge, social and sustainability  issues. We strongly believe in what we do, and we work to allow  our world and our life to benefit  from «CLEAN AIR».