This is the fourth appointment with the column dedicated to the growth path of female-led start-ups made in Italy, created by UniCredit Start Lab and Nativa.

2:00 min

We are ready for a new episode of our journey through the experiences and insights of the founders taking part in "Tech Women for Sustainable Business", UniCredit’s six-month programme developed in partnership with NATIVA dedicated to 20 innovative Italian start-ups - with different sectors and geographical origins - but united by a common factor: female leadership.

These are the answers of the women entrepreneurs interviewed in this episode, to whom we asked once again what made them decide to join the programme and why they believe in ESG matters.

Giulia Trombin

COO & Co-Founder Sharewood

Sharewood is a B2C booking engine system to easily find inspiration and book one-day and multi-day outdoor experiences, enabling people to travel more actively and to connect with nature, people and different cultures.


"The future lies in our present work. Travel is key to people's lives and for this reason it is accountable for giving value to people, destinations, cultures and the world we are living in".

Marianna Benetti

CEO & Founder Veil Energy

Veil Energy unveils hidden energy through e·boost, a management tool for energy efficiency and condition monitoring, with its thermoelectric generators that produce electricity from waste heat. Unused energy is harvested through efficiency measures and devices, saving up to 30 percent in carbon emissions and resources.


"I've believed in it since I was eight years old. I was inspired by a drawing in a schoolbook that showed an alpine valley with the village lit up thanks to the hydroelectric plant. Our planet is a holistic system and there is a lot of room for environmental and social impact that can be achieved with more care".

Silvia Turzio

CEO & Founder Village Care

VillageCare is a start-up active in social impact and ageing services, the first national digital portal in guidance, advisory and search of assistant solutions for family caregivers looking after elderly people.


"We believe in the positive social impact generated by improving the work-life balance for caregivers (75% women), gender gap and long-term business sustainability linked to life expectancy.  We are a female company".

Paola Allamano

CEO & Co-Founder WaterView

WaterView provides patented weather video analytics solutions that leverage cameras' potential to enable weather monitoring, forecasting and alerting in support of customers' decision-making process during routine and extreme weather events, while enhancing infrastructures and assets resilience.


"We believe that our solutions contribute to the SDGs achievement - especially SDG 9 and 11 - and as a company we would like to generate a positive impact also through our operations, considering our stakeholders and our social and environmental contributions".