We continue our column dedicated to the growth path of made in Italy female-led start-ups, created by UniCredit Start Lab and Nativa.

2:00 min

This week on One UniCredit we continue to present the experiences and motivations of the founders taking part in "Tech Women for Sustainable Business - UniCredit Journey for Impact Transformation", the six-month journey developed in partnership with NATIVA and dedicated to 20 innovative Italian start-ups - with different sectors and geographical origins - but united by a common factor, female leadership.

In this third episode, we also asked them the reason they joined the programme and why they believe in ESG values. These are their answers with a brief presentation of their businesses:

Francesca Rizzi

CEO & Co-Founder Jointly - il Welfare Condiviso

Since 2014 Jointly - il welfare condiviso supports organisations in the design and implementation of welfare and people caring solutions focused on the needs of individuals. They offer welfare services to add value to people's lives and generate a positive impact on employee engagement and on the corporate environment. They manage more than 650k users on their platform and a budget of over 30 million.


"We believe that ESG compliance represents a tremendous chance for a Company to transform its business in a more sustainable and profitable one. It's an opportunity to better meet the expectations of increasingly conscious clients, to respond to demanding investors and to respect stricter regulations."

Federica Celi

CFO & Shareholder MENTRE

MENTRE is a podcast creation, production and distribution company capable of creating premium audio content with a serial approach using specific language that entertains the audience and encourages the creation of "communities" around stories. The communication network with theatrical and musical expertise, will work with brands that wish to accompany their audience throughout the day (car, sport, outdoors).


"Environment and Sustainability are crucial for the future. Companies have the ethical duty to define and implement organisations and concrete actions to go in that direction. The likelihood of being successful as a business is greater if you are able to create value for all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers including the environment)."

Anna Gregorio

CEO Picosats

Founded in 2014, PICOSATS is an innovative SME that designs and manufactures high-performance (Ka band and higher) and miniaturised telecommunication systems for CubeSats and small satellites. PICOSATS aspires to an interconnected world where people use space as a resource to improve the community life in a sustainable way.


"Our Small sats have the potential to address the European Green Deal initiatives for transforming the EU's economy for a sustainable future. Small sats have a major role to play in Smart Cities and Precision Agriculture. Automated mobility and smart traffic management systems involving small sats will make transport more efficient and cleaner as a part of Smart City solutions".

Silvia Scaglione

President & Chief Scientist React4life

React4life is an Italian startup funded in 2016, whose mission is to provide innovative technologies for medical research, boosting personalised medicine.  It has patented MIVO, a micro physiological system able to create 3D tissues imitating parts of the human body in the lab.


"As chief scientist of the company, I promote research with a strong impact on society and the well-being of mankind; in fact, we develop technological solutions for personalised medicine and the knowledge progression of many diseases, such as cancer".