UniCredit’s series SAVE4WOMEN wishes to raise awareness on the correct management of savings and investments while strengthening women's empowerment.

2:00 min

Surveys have found that Italians, especially women, know little about economics and finance, showing minimal knowledge of their own economic situation and the tools available to them to manage it.

UniCredit’s Save4Women project has therefore set itself the objective of creating greater awareness among women about the importance of acquiring basic financial education. Better female participation in financial decisions will in fact encourage proactive management of their long-term savings.

The project will comprise six Digital Talks moderated by Chiara Tagliaferri, author of the podcast Morgana with Michela Murgia, and six Financial Education videos with Irene Facheris, an influencer specialised in gender stereotypes, sexism, feminism and LGBTQ+ rights.


Here is an overview of the first 3 Digtal Talks:

23 June - Economic knowledge to nurture women's autonomy, self-determination and self-esteem: all vital ingredients for overcoming stereotypes, preventing and positively opposing all forms of gender-based violence, The event will see the participation of: Anna Clorinda Ronfani, criminal lawyer, legal consultant, vice-president of the Telefono Rosa Piemonte association; Arianna Enrichens, lawyer for Telefono Rosa Piemonte Association, operating in the areas of civil, family, anti-discrimination and equal opportunities law and with the participation of Stefania Remogna Area Manager Retail Turin northern province for UniCredit.


30 June - Knowledge of economics and finance is essential for enhancing self-care and promoting independence and self-determination. A path that begins during childhood to build a positive female image and encourage opportunities for growth for the women of today and tomorrow. The event will see the participation of: Elvira Reale, clinical psychologist, expert in women's health, head of the Dafne Centre for victims of violence, Cardarelli Hospital in Naples; Consultant to the Senate Feminicide Commission. Elvira has published numerous books for Franco Angeli including the latest “La violenza invisibile sulle donne”; Francesca Cavallo is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and activist. Her books, “Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls”, “Elves on the Fifth Floor”, “Dr. Li and the Virus with a Crown on its Head”, are published in more than 50 languages, selling more than 5 million copies and with the participation of Anna Maria Pirozzi, Area Smart Personal South for UniCredit.


7 July - Economic knowledge is a fundamental tool for women to gain their independence and achieve personal fulfilment and achieve their life projects. The event will see the participation of: Maura Gancitano, writer, philosopher and founder of Tlon, a school of philosophy, publishing house and theatre bookshop. Maura works on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, digital public spaces and cultural communication and collaborates with numerous universities and institutions. She has co-written several books with Andrea Colamedici, including "The Society of Performance" (Tlon Editions 2018), "Get rid of the good girl. Eight stories for flourishing" (HarperCollins 2019) and "Take it with Philosophy. Manual of personal blossoming" (HarperCollins 2021) and with him leads the podcasts School of Philosophy and Audible Club on Audible; Loredana Introini, strategic and planning consultant for non-profit organisations, a sector she has worked for since 1999. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Pio La Torre Centre for Studies and Cultural Initiatives and with the participation of Francesca Cannaò Area Manager Retail Catania for UniCredit.



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