13 January 2021

Discover our fifth digital Made in Italy champions in our series from “Italy Tech Day 2020”. Let us present ShopFully

2:00 Min

Shopfully partners with more than 700 retailers and brands globally to connect consumers with physical retailers through digital technologies and strategies.


During Italy Tech Day, Stefano Portu, Founder & CEO of ShopFully, was interviewed by Ash Puri, Growth Investor at LGT LightStone, a global investment fund. Ash has invested in some of the most succeeding global startups, like Onfido, Depop, MessageBird, Talentsoft and Dailymotion.


The virtual Tech day, organised together with Orrick, provided international investors the opportunity to learn more about six Italian digital companies which are part of UniCredit’s Founders’ Club, an initiative dedicated to Italian scale-up companies with high potential.