27 January 2021

UniCredit Bank in Hungary has launched a service so clients can open an account within 20 minutes.

2:00 Min

Online bank transactions have never been so important and essential as in the past year. In response to this, UniCredit Bank in Hungary has launched an online service which allows you to open a bank account in up to 20 minutes, including proper KYC and real time video identification, which is mandatory based on local regulation, without leaving your home. The process is fully digital and customers can choose from three different account types suited to individual financial habits.


The four-step procedure takes up to 20 minutes to be completed. Once the client has selected their account package, they supply the necessary personal data and contact information required for opening a new account which will be verified against the client’s personal identification documents and checked with a video call. As a last step the customer will need to sign the contract documents, which can be done online.


Should the client wish to complete part of the service in person, they can start the process online and complete it by visiting any UniCredit Hungary branch to undergo the identification process and sign the contract digitally.