16 February 2021

For the second time, HypoVereinsbank – in cooperation with the Pfennigparade Foundation in Munich – was proud to run the “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” founder programme, which aims to help young people kick start their professional careers.

2:00 Min

As part of HVB’s Social Impact Banking initiative, the "Inclusive Entrepreneurship" programme helps students to learn about social entrepreneurship and gain relevant skills, as well as how to approach current social issues with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Following an intensive workshop and a four-month long mentoring phase, students worked with HVB volunteers to further develop their business models and present them at a final “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” event on 11 February this year.

Speaking of this event, Michael Diederich, CEO of HypoVereinsbank said:

"This founder programme  is particularly close to my heart. It encourages students to develop forward-looking ideas to help them kick start their careers. We will continue our commitment with Pfennigparade to support the development of students in the future."

During the workshop, students showed a clear focus on digitalisation by creating inclusive and sustainable Apps.


One of the teams created an App to measure the individual daily CO2 consumption of users, providing incentives for a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, the App tracks how our own CO2 consumption develops over time, and helps users calculate how the purchase of certain goods or the choice of a certain mode of transport influences our ecological footprint.


A second team worked on the development of a social App that takes into account the needs of users with disabilities. In addition, the App promotes accessibility for disabled and non-disabled people.


Commenting on the experience, Thomas Heymel, Head of Corporate Development at Pfennigparade Foundation said:

“With this project, HypoVereinsbank equips students with and without disabilities, who have an interest in start-ups and their operational methods, so that their ideas can be successfully implemented. A great contribution to inclusion in the start-up scene of tomorrow."