UniCredit supports the new TV cyber security campaign designed to raise customer awareness in Italy of online fraud and cyber threats.

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The name of the campaign “Navigati”   immediately hints at the light-hearted and fun approach designed to raise customer awareness in Italy of online fraud and cyber threats. The campaign was launched at the end of November with a TV spot and a web series with 8 video clips on various cybersecurity topics such as money-muling, social engineering or sim swaps.

Together with UniCredit other promoters of the campaign include: the Bank of Italy, the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and some leading financial institutions operating in Italy such as Intesa San Paolo, Ing, Generali. The initiative is also supported by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and ACN, the Italian cyber security Agency. 

I Navigati represent a contemporary Italian family, rich in diversity, struggling with the pitfalls of the web, who doesn’t fall for the online traps because it knows and puts in practice a few simple habits to live digital safely and securely. They are undoubtedly smart and digital sassy!

The most unique “Navigati” character is grandmother Betta, a smart 70-year-old woman who knows perfectly how to recognise a safe e-commerce website – “https” being more secure than “http”, the presence of the lock icon at the beginning of the URL and of the Multi-Factor Authentication system. She is also a typical Italian granny who makes sure that her children and grandchildren are well fed.  

This is another concrete example of UniCredit’s attention to cyber and digital topics and its commitment to raising online fraud and cyber threats awareness amongst its clients.


Together, we are moving from using digital to living digital


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