23 September 2020

UniCredit’s virtual journey across Italy’s key sectors has been a valuable forum for many stakeholders

2:00 Min

The Italian Way, a month-long collection of virtual events organized by UniCredit, has highlighted excellence across Italy’s leading sectors and has proved to be a huge success which was greatly appreciated by many stakeholders.

The seven events involved 48 representatives from large companies, all of whom were asked to discuss the impact of the pandemic-generated crisis. Perhaps of greater interest was their strategies for looking beyond the crisis: which solutions should be put in place to relaunch the economy and how to design a future that, whilst we know won’t be easy, will be one in which people are able to reflect on what this crisis has taught them.

The virtual events, organised by the bank, were attended by more than 1,200 people, including 450 stakeholders, trade associations, institutions and foundations. The project has brought to life a scenario made up of resilient companies that put innovative strategies into action and, above all, are passionate about relaunching their activities.

UniCredit is and will always be at the side of these companies, helping to be ‘part of the solution’.