11 September 2020

UniCredit’s latest Leadership Team meeting focused on health and safety, the importance of Group culture, and accelerating the bank’s Team 23 plan

2:00 Min

On Wednesday, UniCredit’s top 500 managers attended the bank’s latest Virtual Leadership Team Meeting (LTM) for an update on how the Group is tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and future plans for successfully navigating the coming months.

The event also included a discussion between CEO Jean Pierre Mustier and Carlo Ratti, founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati and a Member of UniCredit’s Transformation & Innovation Advisory Board (TIAB). The pair reflected on the future impact of Covid-19 on both working life and client behaviours and discussed the importance of innovation in making UniCredit more effective and customer oriented.

Three key takeaways emerged from the event:

Health and safety is and will remain our top priority

Health and safety is our top priority and we will continue to base our decisions on data, not dates. We will maintain our conservative and gradual approach to returning to larger offices to protect the health and safety of our people and our customers.

Physical interactions are key to our Group culture

The office continues to be an important element of our professional life, providing social interactions that are key to building a strong culture. We aim to gradually go back to the office, while keeping flexibility through remote working solutions.

We are accelerating our Team 23 plan

We constantly strive to improve the way we work, and we continuously review our client service model, strengthening the multichannel and remote offerings. With Covid-19 bringing accelerated changes in client behaviours, our transformation will be faster, putting us one step ahead when it comes to our clients’ changing needs.

We continue to leverage our progress in mobile banking, call centres, internet banking and our transition to paperless. At the same time, we are boosting our multichannel approach – providing all our clients with the same high-quality experience, whichever channel they prefer to use.