04 January 2021

Made in Italy excellence is on a path of growth!

2:00 Min

UniCredit Academy Italia is a training program for SMEs, offering entrepreneurs learning opportunities as well as the stimulus for creating new growth initiatives for their companies. The program is offered in partnership with SDA Bocconi and has been running since 2020.

The goal is to give participants concrete tools and action plans for supporting the development of growth strategies and increasing the chances of success in their businesses, in two editions held in 2020 – 2021. Each edition will accept 14 participating SMEs, which will be selected from all Italian regions, as well as seven UniCredit colleagues and will be focuses on important Key Topics:

  1. Business Growth: among the topics covered, innovation and data collection and analysis in order to evaluate the potential of foreign markets with respect to possible expansion
  2. Competitive strategy, how to draw up a Business Model: the section includes strategies “from idea to product”, comparative analysis with benchmarks, corporate social responsibility, sustainability
  3. Stakeholder relations management: human resource management, public speaking and family-run businesses, governance
  4. Economic and financial forecasts, financial growth: business plans and related costs, risk management and financing strategies.

From September to December 2020 participants will have eight days in the classroom, two days per month for four months.

Furthermore, dedicated ‘field projects’ linked to the different companies will be organised for each participant, supported by a tutor with four online meetings sessions on the SDA Bocconi platform before a final presentation.

Participants will also have the possibility to get additional support, case studies, review and mentoring for projects through the SDA Bocconi training platform.

"Never before has it been more important for Italian SMEs to reactivate growth by leveraging all the typical strengths of Made in Italy: distinctiveness, innovation, creativity. With UniCredit Academy Italia, the Group shows it is 'part of the solution' by providing these entrepreneurs with the useful tools that, in a challenging scenario like the current one, can be crucial to successfully compete in markets"

Francesco Giordano, Co-CEO Commercial Banking Western Europe