01 October 2020

UniCredit Bank Austria launches GoGreen account that allows customers to contribute to climate protection

2:00 Min

Thanks to the new GoGreen account from UniCredit Bank Austria, customers have the opportunity to contribute to climate protection. The bank has committed itself to provide sustainable funding equivalent to deposit amounts in GoGreen accounts. The account, which has been certified with the renowned Austria Eco-label, can be opened in just 15 minutes via video authentication and is fully managed digitally.


Launching the GoGreen account is fully in line with UniCredit Bank Austria’s commitment to sustainability. The sustainable funding will focus on projects in the field of renewable energy (such as wind and solar power), as well as renovations that improve energy certification, newly built low-energy houses and consumer loans with clear evidence of a sustainable purpose. In addition, GoGreen account holders will receive a 50 per cent discount when buying sustainable funds from UniCredit Bank Austria’s product range.


Commenting at an online press conference on 24 September to launch the new GoGreen account, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria Robert Zadrazil, said: “The Covid-19 crisis has shown we now have the unique opportunity to join forces and transform the Austrian economy into a sustainable, low-carbon system. The banking industry must be part of the solution and can act as a key part of this process by financing investments related to climate protection. Leveraging on this will help us generate an effect far greater than in any other industry.”


Minimising direct environmental impact is key to both UniCredit Group and UniCredit Bank Austria. From 2008 to 2019, UniCredit Bank Austria has reduced waste by 79 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by 84 per cent. From the beginning of 2020, almost all electricity used has come from renewable energy sources. One of the largest geothermal plants in Europe was built in our Austria Campus headquarters, generating energy for heating and cooling.