09 November 2020

In an exclusive webinar hosted by The Banker, Niccolò Ubertalli, Co-CEO Commercial Banking CEE, discusses the digital transformation journey of banks

2:00 Min

During the webinar Niccolò provided insights and tips on how banks can create a uniform ‘look & feel’ across their geographical footprint while delivering a personalised experience for customers. He also spoke about the importance of taking a holistic approach and how to drive efficiencies by using a single platform approach when it comes to IT infrastructure across all banks.

He talked about UniCredit’s digital strategy and the platform approach stating the following: “[…] digitalisation is at the core of our Team 23 plan. There are two key things: first, scale, in our case, 10 countries using the same system, and second, omnichannel, this means you create one process serving all channels […].”

Curious to hear more? Have a look: