17 November 2020

Jean Pierre Mustier joined the Digital Opening Conference organised by Financecommunity Week and investment bank Vitale & Co, highlighting how banks are part of the solution

2:00 Min

CEO Jean Pierre Mustier spoke at the Digital Opening Conference entitled “Finanza e sistema Paese un anno dopo” (Finance and State system a year after) organised by Financecommunity Week and investment bank Vitale & Co, with the aim of looking for a direction in order to support the real economy.

Jean Pierre commented that banks “have strong balance sheets and adequate capital positions to support the economy, help investments and continue to lend. We will be there to support the restart of the economy”. He continued by saying “banks are part of the solution.”

Jean Pierre added that where banks are present, investments “will promote the growth of sustainability and continue digital acceleration” and said that “in terms of capital strength, UniCredit has a solid balance sheet, putting us in a very strong position to continue to support our customers whatever the environment.”