13 May 2020

A simple idea of UniCredit Bank Austria has really taken off in times of the Corona lockdown. Already more than 100 videos submitted!

2:00 min

Since 7 March, local small businesses, the self-employed and creative individuals have been able to submit short “How to…” videos on various topics or videos to promote themselves or their company.

For each video that is put online, the producer of the video receives an expense compensation from UniCredit Bank Austria as well as help with the professional production of the video. These videos help to support the producers or their companies in the current exceptional situation.

More than 100 self-employed people and micro-enterprises have already sent in videos – on topics as diverse as yoga, cooking, handicrafts, fitness, household, digital work and even instructions on how to produce face masks by yourself.

UniCredit Bank Austria has thus created a platform on which local, creative small businesses can present themselves in the digital environment. In addition, UniCredit Bank Austria is also promoting the initiative together with the online magazine BAM!, thereby creating publicity for the videos submitted.


Painting cool pictures with acrylic colours | Natalia Sander (UX Designerin)


Delicious Curry base | Adi Raihmann (Restaurant KARMA Food)


That's how you do a headstand | Anna Pinz (Personal Trainer)


This is how you draw an aquarium map for Mother's Day | Arlene Thaler (Illustrator)


This is how you plant pickling salad on the balcony | Julia Czink (from Czink)


Draw mandalas without template | Jenny Prengel (from Aliceinmandaland)


This is how you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles | Stephanie Lanz (Fitness Trainer)