26 June 2020

A new loan programme aimed at Slovakian companies will also support the economy

2:00 min

UniCredit has launched a new programme offering “advantage” loans to corporate clients in Slovakia. It is part of a state-guaranteed programme passed by the Slovak Parliament together with state institutions, such as Slovak Investment Holding and Eximbanka, which fall directly under the Slovak Ministry of Finance.

In addition to small and medium enterprises, the advantage loans may now also be used by large corporate clients. The measure also covers the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

The guarantee programme aims to improve liquidity and give corporations access to funding to help them face impacts of Covid-19 pandemic in the Slovak Republic.

“We expect to help hundreds of corporate clients in Slovakia thanks to our active engagement in the new guarantee programmes,” said Slavomír Beňa, Director of the bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Division in Slovakia. “The most important thing now is to start up the economy.  We are one of the largest providers of corporate loans in the Slovak market and, with this measure, we will expand our portfolio of advantage loans.”