04 June 2020

Sergio Ravich Calafell, Head of Corporate Treasury Sales, shares two examples of how UniCredit helped clients during the Covid-19 pandemic

2:00 min

Corporate Treasury Sales (CTS) is an integral part of UniCredit Global Markets, which is part of UniCredit Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB). CTS helps UniCredit’s corporate clients optimise their financial management and meet their risk management, financing and financial investment objectives.


The CTS team typically helps companies that have significant exposure to certain currencies, interest rates or commodities and has a range of products and solutions which help clients to manage the risks associated to them.


With the help from UniCredit, a public transport company in Germany was able to take advantage of the falling oil price to secure low fuel costs, helping it to maintain affordable ticket prices for passengers.


UniCredit also worked with a major European car manufacturer to secure the future prices of essential metals to assist the company in its ongoing transition to electric vehicles.