30 July 2020

The winners of the 2020 edition of UniCredit's Start Lab, the business platform for innovative start-ups and SMEs, have been announced. The winners will receive a €10,000 grant and access to Start Lab and its services to support growth

2:00 min

At the 2020 edition of UniCredit Start Lab, Delphinus Biotech start-up in Trento took the first place for the Life Science category, thanks to its Bellerofast,  an innovative solution to sanitise surfaces.

In the Clean Tech category, Serranova from Perugia won the first place with its innovative urban agriculture project that produces high-tech greenhouses where you can grow plants up to four times faster than normal.

In the category Innovative Made in Italy category, the winner was Alfonsino from Caserta, a start-up that has designed and developed a food delivery platform that, unlike many others in the sector, is mainly targeting towns with a population between 50,000 and 200,000 inhabitants.

For the Digital category, Rulex of Genoa came in first. Rulex offers an artificial intelligence platform, capable of automating corporate decision-making processes.

Andrea Casini, Co-Ceo Commercial Banking Italy of UniCredit, said: “Thanks to UniCredit Start Lab, in the past 7 years we have analysed more than 5,300 new business projects and accompanied 350 start-ups on their growth paths. We cover more than 20 percent of the innovative start-ups and SMEs in Italy, allowing us a very privileged insight of innovation in Italy”.