14 July 2020

UniCredit Bulbank provides important new funding for a centre of medical excellence in Bulgaria

2:00 min

Facilitating investments in healthcare for the benefit of the communities in which the bank operates are amongst UniCredit’s concrete contributions to the restart of countries where it operates and confirms the bank’s pan-European pledge to be “part of the solution.”

UniCredit Bulbank will finance the completion and development of Blocks Medical City in Sofia, Bulgaria, a fully integrated campus for long-term care and patient rehabilitation. The 33,000-square-metre complex is being built on the slopes of Mount Vitosha and consists of 21 buildings which include: a 13 family unit nursing homes; a hospice; a world-class rehabilitation centre including a 100-bed hospital; a day care centre and outpatient centre; a dementia centre, residence and a day care centre; three assisted living residences; a community centre; a restaurant and 2 cafes.

“We are here to support business, and we are open for business,” commented Raluca Popescu, Head of Corporate, Investment and Private Banking of UniCredit Bulbank. “And while we are all together facing these challenging times, we are proud that our clients rely on us for the execution of their projects. Furthermore, the current crisis put additional focus on the need of investments in healthcare and projects like Blocks Medical City improves the quality of services in our country. This project will be successful and valuable for the whole society”.