09 December 2020

With a simple tap buddybank’s customers can now add their card in the PayPal digital wallet

2:00 Min

buddybank, powered by UniCredit, is adding further functions enhance its customers’ mobile experience. UniCredit’s bank for smartphones has entered a new collaboration with PayPal, the worldwide leading company on digital payments. With a simple tap in the buddybank app, customers can connect their buddybank payment cards to their PayPal personal digital wallet.

“Thanks to this exciting partnership with PayPal we can become even more relevant in the digital life of our buddies, while offering them a fluid and seamless mobile shopping experience,” said Claudia Vassena, Head of buddybank, powered by UniCredit.

“With this partnership we offer a faster digital payment method via smartphone. In PayPal we strongly believe in the growth of digital payments via mobile, and our partnership with buddybank aims to improve the management of online transactions via smartphone,” commented Maria Teresa Minotti, Director PayPal Italia.