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We’re excited for you to meet our UniCredit Storytellers giving you a glimpse into what it’s like to work at our Bank, what attracts and motivates our People about UniCredit and how we Unlock a better tomorrow together!

2:00 min

As an employer, we have several key ambitions and commitments, this includes guaranteeing equal opportunities for all colleagues, supporting our People’s personal growth and well-being, nurturing a positive and inclusive working environment, and leveraging our unique international footprint to drive innovation, helping us to provide better solutions for our customers


To learn more about what it’s like to work at our Bank, what inspires us, what we offer to our People in terms of constant learning and development, how we are fulfilling our Purpose of empowering communities to progress and helping to Unlock a better tomorrow each day, read the testimonials of our UniCredit Storytellers below! 


In addition, we encourage you to browse our Careers page for information on currently open positions!

Meet Alanna Urban, Head of Digital Transformation at Hypovereinsbank (HVB)


I'm the Head of Digital Transformation at HVB, part of the CDOO Office. Currently, my main task is developing the HVB Innovation Hub launched in October 2023. We also steer its content and formats and continue adding new elements. Our team's purpose is to support digital transformation by engaging all colleague to be part of our Bank’s journey through innovative initiatives and content, including videos on specific topics such as Cyber Security. Additionally, we promote the bank’s digital achievements and share knowledge on CDOO Projects internally and externally. 


What drives me most in my job is creating initiatives that add value and continuously developing our team. I've always sought varied experiences to challenge myself and foster growth. Thanks to mentors and great leaders, I've had opportunities at UniCredit that align with my aspirations. 


My top skill is creativity, enabling me to find solutions and innovate, especially in a dynamic environment where structure is minimal. 

Learning and career progression at our Bank

A recent learning opportunity I cherished was being part of the ada learning program and being HVB's digital ambassador. It focused on innovation and future topics, combining hard and soft skills. 

UniCredit fosters an inclusive, dynamic work environment where collaboration, transparency, and open communication thrive. It feels like a rewarding adventure every day! 

The biggest benefit for me at UniCredit is the chance for personal growth and development, supported by leaders invested in my progress. 

One memorable moment was transitioning from People & Culture to leading a team within the Digital Foresight area, a leap out of my comfort zone that led to immense professional growth. 


My typical day

My typical day involves checking emails, then engaging in conceptual tasks before our 'Daily Stars' meeting at 9:30 AM, where we prioritise tasks as a team. Every day is different, but we always gather for a coffee in the office.  

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with our family dog Mila, exploring new cafes/restaurants, visiting museums/galleries, and dabbling in interior design. 

Three words to describe my personality: curious, creative, self-effective.  

Three words to describe my job: people-oriented, impactful, innovative.

Meet Danilo Viric, Solution Architect at UniCredit Bank Serbia


My name is Danilo and I work at UniCredit Bank in Serbia, as a Solution Architect. My main task at work is to participate in different projects and to be responsible for all technical activities and issues (IT strategy, integrations, technologies, etc.).  


I find my job interesting because I work with a lot of different stakeholders with the opportunity to learn a lot by working with various profiles of people. I also take part in the local talent program for young people called ‘’Futures’’ as well as participating in a Cross-Country Mentoring program with experienced colleagues from Hungary.  


At the beginning of my career, I chose the financial industry because of my mother, who used to work in a bank. As you can see, I'm still here! I also wanted to combine technology and finance in some form.  


As my main strength, I would highlight the ability to listen to others. It is important to note that I never give up when faced with difficult tasks and challenges. I believe that emotional intelligence is very important in business, and it is an opportunity for all of us to learn and become better people. The working environment at UniCredit is very pleasant, people are willing to help, and superiors are understanding of everything.  

Our working environment

Our organisation supports diversity and gives us the right to always speak our minds. It also enables a balance between private life and work obligations.  

It is important to mention that at the end of last year, I led internal training for colleagues using the Jira tool. The fact that my colleagues listened to me for over three hours continuously was a very pleasant experience, and I know that my team appreciated it too!  


My typical day

My day looks crazy with meetings from 9-5 almost every day. Multitasking is what is required, but I enjoy it!  

My biggest hobby and driving force behind everything I do is traveling. I strive to always find free time and fly out of the country. Next destination: Thailand!  

Alongside books, theatre, and music, I would highlight learning languages (currently Spanish) and social games with friends.  

Three words to describe my personality: persistent, patient, initiator.  

Three words to describe my job: interesting, challenging, unpredictable.