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We’re excited for you to meet our UniCredit Storytellers giving you a glimpse into what it’s like to work at our Bank, what attracts and motivates our People about UniCredit and how we Unlock a better tomorrow together!

2:00 min

As an employer, we have several key ambitions and commitments, this includes guaranteeing equal opportunities for all colleagues, supporting our People’s personal growth and well-being, nurturing a positive and inclusive working environment, and leveraging our unique international footprint to drive innovation, helping us to provide better solutions for our customers.

To learn more about what it’s like to work at our Bank, what inspires us, what we offer to our People in terms of constant learning and development, how we are fulfilling our Purpose of empowering communities to progress and helping to Unlock a better tomorrow each day, read the testimonials of our UniCredit Storytellers below!

In addition, we encourage you to browse our Careers section for information on currently open positions!

Meet Elisabetta Trovato, First Consultant at UniCredit in Italy


I am Elisabetta Trovato, I come from Catania, and currently work as Consulente First” (First Consultant) at UniCredit in Motta Sant’ Anastasia (Catania). I manage a portfolio of clients for whom I make daily investment decisions and offer personalised advice to help them achieve their financial goals of asset protection and growth.  


What I love most about my job is getting to know my clients' stories, supporting their dreams, and seeing these come true. I love being a little part of their family. I think my most important soft skill is empathy. I can immediately empathise with my clients and win their trust. 


I entered UniCredit at a very dark time in my life. I had just finished an internship with a multinational company and then Coronavirus destroyed all my plans and I had to return home to Catania. With a degree in business administration, born and raised in a family of sales professionals, I was certain of my fate. UniCredit as a multinational corporation seemed too big for me and I didn't feel up to the task. Nevertheless, in June 2020, came the call that changed my life!

Learning and events at our Bank 

UniCredit often organises events and training sessions. Among the most recent ones was "Talento Diffuso," a workshop that gave me the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over Italy and share best practice.

Another unforgettable moment for me was the Culture Day in 2023 where I had the opportunity to meet our Group CEO, Andrea Orcel. It was a beautiful and content-rich experience.

Every day, thanks to my branch manager, I feel supported and valued. She is a guide for me. I learn new things each day. She introduces me to new customers, and she is my number one fan.


My typical day 

I go to the bank branch every day, and according to my schedule I meet my clients, get to know new stories, laugh and even cry together with them, and manage their assets, promptly meeting their every need, while carefully planning their future with great dedication.

More generally, I love sports. I'm crazy about soccer, don't touch A.C Milan! And once a week a padel match is a must.


Three words to describe my personality: translucent, gentle, sensitive.

Three words to describe my job: challenging, dynamic, formative. 

Meet Jessica Pulejo, Collateral Manager at UniCredit in Germany


As a Collateral Manager in Commodity Trade Finance, I am responsible for working with oil and metal traders to finance the transactions that move the real economy and shape the world. It is an exciting and fast-paced industry where every decision has a direct impact on the global market.


One of my top skills is my ability to make strategic decisions under pressure. This skill is crucial in my role as I am constantly assessing risk and ensuring that the bank, which is providing the financing to the client, has the necessary collateral to protect the business.

The work environment is highly interactive and dynamic. Collaboration and communication are key in this sector, and I thrive in this fast-paced and ever-changing environment. One of the biggest benefits of working with my team at UniCredit is flexibility and the ability to have a quality work-life balance.

This allows me to pursue my hobbies outside of work, which include ballet, bouldering, gardening and volunteering for a dog shelter (on social media) to help find adopters for rescue dogs. I also adopted one myself, making one of the best decisions of my life. These activities bring balance to my life and allow me to recharge and stay motivated in my demanding job.


A typical day for me starts with reviewing the latest market news to stay informed on industry developments. I then work closely with traders to assess their financing needs and ensure that all transactions are properly supported and backed up by the respective collaterals.

Throughout the day, I attend meetings, analyse data, and communicate with various stakeholders to ensure that everything is running smoothly. It is a challenging but rewarding job that keeps me on my toes and allows me to make a real impact.


Three words to describe my personality: resilient, empathetic, charismatic. 

Three words to describe my job: challenging, dynamic, tangible.