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Between 21 – 23 May 2024, we jointly hosted our Italian Investment Conference (IIC) alongside Kepler Cheuvreux – the event is now a growing platform to provide capital markets access to Italian corporates and the annual meeting point for a diversified audience of investors looking for new opportunities.

2:00 min

During the three-day conference – which generated over 1,300 one-on-one meetings – we were pleased to welcome 63 Italian listed companies and more than 150 institutional investors from around the globe to our Milan headquarters. 


This year's agenda included specific keynote sessions that gave space to industry leaders and influential speakers, including the Director General of the Department of the Economy at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and the CEO of Borsa Italiana, among others. 


The first of these sessions highlighted the evolution of rules and regulations in the current scenario and outlined the reasons behind recent changes to the regulatory framework commonly referred to as “DDL Capitali”; i.e. measures that the Italian government has put in place to transform the Italian financial market into the most attractive for issuers of all sizes. 

Now, more than ever, disruptive forces are reshaping the architecture of capital markets. 


Higher interest rates, reduced money supply, the transition to a low-carbon economy, AI breakthroughs and geopolitical tensions are amongst the principal challenges that corporates and investment companies must face whilst navigating the complexities of today's economic and business environment.


Companies must demonstrate conviction and agility to thrive and banks must remain a steadfast partner throughout.

“Corporate access to the international capital markets has become a critical factor. The traditional public capital markets remain an important option, but today we can also provide access to a wide range of solutions: private and alternative capital markets offer a diversified set of formats that can satisfy our corporate clients’ unique needs. In this new framework we are perfectly positioned to match financial resources that are looking for good investment opportunities with corporate funding demand.”

Richard Burton, Head of Client Solutions at UniCredit

This year’s event also included a specific focus around how capital markets can support non-listed companies' growth plans and all the steps (including pre-IPO tools and solutions) that can support an organisation in creating an efficient and orderly roadmap for going public.

“Banks such as ours play a critical role in facilitating corporate access to capital markets and we are well-positioned to support clients of all sizes – from large corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises –providing them with best-in-class tailored solutions across the product suite and transforming their needs into investment opportunities for our client base.”

Remo Taricani, Deputy Head of UniCredit Italy

Our newly-created IPO & Alternative Capital Markets Forum brought together a diversified and enlarged audience of:

  • Italian SMEs and corporates looking for capital – for which the contribution from our Italian Corporate Network has been crucial to scout over 150 target clients;
  • Players coming from the private capital market and private equity space looking for investment opportunities – i.e. counterparties for our Alternative Capital Markets platform;
  • Family Offices and High Net Worth Investors looking for diversification of their investment portfolio, as well as possible investment partners.


Photos of the event can be found below. Additional details regarding the agenda can be found here.


More information about this year’s Italian Investment Conference can be found on our dedicated microsite.


Milan skyline photo - courtesy of Andrea Cherchi.