Tomorrow, Saturday 25 November, the spire of our Milan headquarters, along with branches in Vienna and Graz, will ligh-up in in orange in support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. At UniCredit we are committed to oppose all forms of harassment and implement various initiatives in support of this important topic with the aim of contributing to ending violence against women and girls.

2:00 min

This initiative is part of our commitment to oppose all forms of harassment, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to leave no one behind. Achieving these goals is impossible without ending violence against women and girls.


Our approach to challenging any kind of bias, aggression, and stereotypes at all levels of our organisation:


Implementing a specific workplace policy against Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Anti-Retaliation. This ensures prevention, detection, enforcement, and ongoing monitoring of such behaviours, and protects employees and third parties from acts of retaliation. 


Continuously educating our employees on the DE&I principles, as well as the topic of unconscious biases. This is to reinforce a safe, positive, and barrier-free working environment.


Providing direct and personalised psychological support through high-quality consultation services for both professional and personal matters.


On top of the 3 months envisaged by the law in Italy, offering an additional month of paid leave to female colleagues who have suffered violence.


Allocating EUR 100 million to close the gender gap on an "equal pay for equal job" basis from 2022 to 2024. Last year, approximately EUR 30 million were invested, leading to a significant reduction of the non-demographic gender pay gap to 2.6% on the Group level.


Ensuring diverse representation and gender balance across all levels of our organisation, instrumental for empowering our female colleagues throughout entire employee lifecycle.

Female presence as of Sept 2023: 

  • 57% Group overall
  • 42% Board of Directors
  • 46% Group Executive Committee (GEC)
  • 36% Leadership Team*

*Refers to Group Executive Committee and first line reporting to Group Executive Committee


Regardless of gender identity, each of us can learn more about this important issue and support the campaign with the dedicated hashtag #orangetheworld. This helps raise awareness of unacceptable behaviours and to promote concrete actions.


Each of us can make a difference!


Every effort invested in preventing violence against women is a step towards a safer, more equal, and prosperous world for all!

About UN campaign!

The UN’s annual campaign, under the theme "UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls" invites governments, institutions, public and private sector, and individuals across the globe to step up and support different prevention strategies to stop violence from occurring in the first place. The colour orange symbolises a brighter future, free of violence and serves as a mean of demonstrating solidarity in eliminating all forms of violence.