UniCredit Foundation and Teach For All are delighted to announce a new Pan-European partnership to boost education and teaching for the next three years. This 5.5 mln euro partnership builds on UniCredit’s relationship with the global education network  to provide quality education to underserved schools and promote education equality across Europe.

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UniCredit Foundation and global educational network Teach For All (TFA) commit to a three-year partnership worth 5.5 million euros aimed at providing quality education to underserved schools in Europe and promote education equality across the continent. This impactful partnership will focus on six countries in which the bank operates: Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.


I am delighted to announce the UniCredit Foundation’s partnership with Teach For All. Europe has the potential to be a major economic bloc – to lead the way in global economic and social progress, fostering a future of shared prosperity. This is why our Bank and the Foundation have made it our shared mission to unlock this potential. The UniCredit Foundation is dedicated to equipping students with the essential tools to build a better future for themselves, their communities and our continent. Together with Teach For All, we will advance equitable education within six UniCredit regions, nurturing collective leadership in young people and, in the long term, driving societal transformation.

Andrea Orcel
, Chairman of UniCredit Foundation

UniCredit and Teach For All established their strong relationship in 2022, launching their collaboration with a roughly 2 million euro-investment which has meant that together they successfully trained and supported 592 diverse fellow teachers within the Teach For All network in Europe, improving the educational experiences of over 40,600 students across the continent in just one year.
This new partnership with our Foundation will reinforce its ambition of unlocking the potential of Europe’s next generation reducing educational disparities and preventing early school dropout rates among youth by giving young people quality education.



We are proud of this partnership with UniCredit Foundation. Its support will be instrumental in helping us to scale our work and develop a pipeline of teacher-leaders who continue to change educational outcomes for some of the most marginalized students in Europe.
Together, we are committed to ensuring that every child has access to opportunities to fulfil their potential and shape better futures for themselves and the world

Wendy Kopp
, Co-Founder and CEO of Teach For All

Collectively UniCredit Foundation and Teach For All want to achieve great goals through empowering the Teach For All teachers in deepening their skills and providing under-resourced communities with the levers to progress.


The UniCredit Foundation and Teach For All’s local network partners will train over 1,400 extraordinary teachers, providing education to over 83,000 students by 2026. In addition, network partners will develop the leadership skills of more than 3,600 alumni and more than 10,870 system-wide teachers.



Are you ready to shape a better future? Join the Teach For All network and become a volunteer.


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For more information, read the Press Release here and take a look at our partnership infographic.