UniCredit is proud to launch its 2022 Annual and Integrated Reports that share the title “Unlocking…A better bank, A better world, A better future”. This year’s reports are a true testament to our bank’s transformation and the milestones we have achieved in 2022 thanks to all our stakeholders.

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In 2021, we began UniCredit’s transformation, unlocking the potential of our bank and all its stakeholders. In 2022, the transformation accelerated as we harnessed that potential to continue building a better bank. A bank where every action and every ambition has been your story and our story. Today, UniCredit is a better bank thanks to our clients, our people, and our communities – as together, we strive for a better world and for a better future. 



"The UniCredit of today is a different organisation from a year ago. This is not because of a change in any of our bank’s fundamentals; it is because of the growth and value we have driven and created from within. The assets that gave us our innate strength and potential a year ago remain today: UniCredit continues to have an extensive talent pool, fantastic clients, and a pan-European reach. But we are a different bank."


Andrea Orcel, Group CEO and Head of Italy

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Banks have an important social function which goes far beyond lending. We have a huge responsibility in supporting clients in their own business transformation and guiding financing in the right direction. Our role is to assist our clients and communities in making meaningful progress towards a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable society in the long term.” 


Fiona Melrose, Head of Group Strategy & ESG

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Last year, our bank embarked on a transformation journey – one that pushed us beyond our limits, and in return, demonstrated that we are capable of both delivering and achieving record-breaking results. We focused our efforts on building a strong cultural foundation for our bank driven by one common theme – People. We embedded ESG in all our decision-making and put our Clients firmly at the centre. We were guided by our ambition to become an integrated, fast, Digital bank. And we did all of this at an accelerated pace so we could strongly deliver on our Purpose of empowering communities to progress.  


These stories are our stories. The Annual and Integrated Reports are a testament to the incredible milestones we have collectively achieved as a Group. When we unite behind one common goal, when we are given the tools and resources we need to be successful, we can truly transform and demonstrate what it means to be the bank for Europe’s future





Annual Report 2022 -DIGITAL Version   

Annual Report 2022 - PDF Version 


Integrated Report 2022 - DIGITAL Version  

Integrated Report 2022 - PDF Version