UniCredit is proud to support “Portraits” the unique exhibition by British photographer Lee Jeffries, on show in Milan until 16 April at the Museo Diocesano in Milan. Fifty incredible shots of faces of that hidden and invisible humanity that populates the streets of the great cities of Europe and the United States.

2:00 min

UniCredit is proud to sponsor yet another beautiful exhibition with the aim of making art accessible to all. The works of Lee Jeffries, British photographer, will be on show until 16 April 2023 at the Museo Diocesano in Milan.  


The almost fifty black & white and colour photos are at the heart of Lee’s exhibition named “Portraits”.

Jeffries is the voice of the poor, the homeless. He began his career almost by chance, the day before the 2008 London Marathon, when he took a photograph of a young homeless girl sitting at the entrance of a shop; reprimanded for doing so without authorisation. Lee started to talk to her, to ask her about her past, to establish a contact to understand who she was. 

Lee began to take an interest in capturing the lives of the homeless, met from the alleys of Los Angeles to the most hidden and dangerous areas of the cities of France and Italy. 




Through his sensitivity and “spiritual art”, Lee Jeffries brings homeless people out of the darkness in which they are confined and tries to restore light and dignity to every human being. His style is characterised by strongly contrasted close-up shots and very close interactions with his subjects, men and women living on the margins of society, encountered on the streets of the world.

His most characteristic stylistic feature is the portrait, always frontal and close-up, often with dark monochrome backgrounds that, elaborated with an effective work on light and shadow, brings out people’s faces in their extraordinary expressive power, capable of communicating their suffering, their unease and their unhappy condition.


UniCredit enthusiastically supports the values that the artist shares so that everyone can appreciate this unique form of photography, turning their gaze to different, sometimes imperceptible realities. 


The exhibition, which started on 27 January, will remain open until 16 April