Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies have been a hot topic in recent years, as climate-friendly policies are sought across the globe. Is it possible to dissect ESG and create policies which complement each pillar of this trinity? In our third episode of the new series of Conversations Unlocked, we sat down with Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International and Jo Carss, Head of Group Stakeholder Engagement at UniCredit to discuss the importance of the ‘S’ – or ‘Social’ – in ESG.

2:00 min

Episode three of Conversations Unlocked Season Two is here! 


This week, we invited Ben Carpenter and Jo Carss along to the studio to discuss their thoughts on delivering practical and attainable ESG policies. They discussed how Social Value International and UniCredit have applied these principles to their work. 


We asked how ESG can become an intrinsic part of our institutions moving forward, making a real difference to communities across the continent.  

Ben said: “Measuring the impact we have on well-being is completely possible and should help us achieve more as businesses in the long term and create a more thriving society.” 


Meanwhile Jo said: “I do think as we move into 2023 that the challenge for the many institutions and bodies that look at this space is to make sure we find this balance between the E and the S.”  

With a refreshed look and feel, our second series of Conversations Unlocked focuses on discussing the biggest challenges Europe is facing. 


Tune in and listen to our chat on how UniCredit and our guests think we can make all three pillars of ESG sustainable. 


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