We look back at the recent exhibition “FUORI, nella terra dell'uomo” where UniCredit and Fondazione Cariverona collectively brought together 26 artists from different nationalities, styles and eras. The initiative has had a significant positive impact and is a testament of our bank’s mission of making culture accessible to all.

2:00 min

After more than a decade, two important historical collections, that of Fondazione Cariverona and that of UniCredit, came together in the halls of Palazzo Pellegrini, headquarters of Fondazione Cariverona, in the heart of Verona for the exhibition “FUORI, nella terra dell'uomo” on show from 14 October 2022 to 22 January 2023. 

The earth teaches us more about ourselves than all the books in the world

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Land of men, 1939

Through more than 30 works, the exhibition suggested that landscapes can be a projection of the human mind rather than the representation of a real physical place. The artistic choices were made by the curator Pietro Ruffo who selected 26 artists from different eras and styles. This created the opportunity to reflect on a new vision, where fragments of urban and natural landscapes mix to fuel the imagination, especially for younger generations, as well as providing insights into the impact that humanity has on the Earth.

Andrea Orcel, Group Chief Executive Office and Head of Italy of UniCredit commented: “Culture is a determining part of our development as a company. It shapes our thoughts and beliefs, how we interact with each other and how we grow collectively. For this reason, we are convinced that art and culture must be accessible to all.” 


With more than 500 people joining the opening, in 30 days the exhibition welcomed more than 900 visitors, offering multiple workshops for families and schools with over 250 participating students (primary and secondary schools) and teachers involved.