The digital landscape offers many opportunities to the financial sector. The pace at which those opportunities come to life is however extremely fast and in constant evolution, often leading to personal data threats and security breaches. What can institutions like UniCredit do to safeguard our employees and customers as this space evolves? And how can we use the digital world to help us all succeed? Listen to our 4th episode from Season 2 to find out more!

2:00 min

This week we invited James Hann and Gianluca Pometto to discuss how we can safely and effectively navigate the online space, making the best of digital innovations to support our clients, protect them and help them succeed. 


We talk about some of the biggest challenges the European cyber landscape is currently facing. We also hear insights from our guests on the importance of communication and upskilling talent to help businesses keep up with this ever developing and evolving space by hiring the right resources. 

James said: “Use these digital systems. They are obviously fantastically useful, but be prepared.” 

Meanwhile, Gianluca said: “Today, attacks can come from somebody that is sitting miles away from where your bank is … So we have a real responsibility to make sure we protect the overall ecosystem.” 

With a refreshed look and feel, our second season of Conversations Unlocked focuses on discussing the biggest challenges Europe is facing.  


Tune in and listen to our conversation on how UniCredit and our guests are dealing with these issues. 


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