Tune into our 5th Podcast episode focused on the current tech revolution that is driving innovation and its potential to transform financial services. What will the next generation of banking look like? How can institutions like UniCredit balance innovation and their client-centric offering? Listen to our episode to find out more.

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Listen to a brand new episode of Conversations Unlocked: Season 2!

This week we invited the CEO of Innovate Finance Janine Hirt and our Deputy Head of Italy Remo Taricani to discuss the most exciting innovation currently influencing the financial sector and how these could shape the next generation of banking. Remo and Janine also discussed how institutions like UniCredit can use this opportunity to boost their offerings to clients and their stakeholders at large. 


We talk about the importance of building a community to support innovation and also hear from our guests about the responsibility that financial institutions have towards their customers both in terms of offering an omnichannel experience using new technologies and in terms of education paths on how to use new tools. 

Janine said: “We believe that as an industry we have a responsibility to showcase all the benefits that FinTech can have for both consumers and businesses'.” 

Meanwhile, Remo said: “When you're designing a new solution, you have to ensure you satisfy all your customers’ needs.” 

With a refreshed look and feel, our second series of Conversations Unlocked focuses on discussing the biggest challenges Europe is facing. 


Tune in and listen to our conversation on what the future of banking will look like for UniCredit’s customers and others across Europe and beyond


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