On 20 April Filarmonica della Scala musicians will be performing a free concert inside Modena’s Cathedral to celebrate the renovation of the museum complex. The venue brings with it a new light, making it even more beautiful thanks to UniCredit’s sponsorship contribution. Another testament to the bank’s commitment to enhancing the treasures of our cultural heritage.

2:00 min

The Cathedral Museums, located within the respect area of the Unesco Site of Modena, are very important because they are closely related to the history of the Cathedral. 


They are divided into two collections consisting of sculptural fragments belonging to the cathedral and buildings from previous eras, as well as works and furnishings testifying to the vitality of the Modenese Church over the centuries. 


To celebrate the completion of the enlargement of the exhibition venue, UniCredit, in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena, the Metropolitan Basilica and the Modena Foundation, is organising a free concert featuring musicians from Filarmonica della Scala. The new spaces and pre-existing collections, now rearranged and expanded, will open to the public with accompanied and guided tours on Saturdays in April and May (29 April, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May  and 27 May) and every day starting from June. 


Save the date on 20 April, at 7 p.m., Modena Cathedral. 



Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 


Quartetto per flauto ed archi n. 1 in re maggiore, K 285  

Flute, violin, viola, cello 


Quintetto in la maggiore per clarinetto, K. 581 "Stadler" 

Clarinet, two violins, viola, cello


Filarmonica della Scala musicians: 

  • Marco Zoni, flute
  • Fabrizio Meloni, clarinet 
  • Francesco De Angelis, violin 
  • Daniele Pascoletti, violin
  • Sandro Laffranchini, cello 


Music and art are at the heart of this Country and a fundamental part of its history and heritage. The Concert on 20 April represents UniCredit’s commitment to enhancing the treasures of our cultural heritage and promoting their accessibility to an ever-widening public. 


Free admission subject to availability 

More information www.museidelduomodimodena.it