This week we take you to Austria to discover the thirteenth story from UniCredit's 2021 Annual Report. Believing that good ideas deserve a chance, UniCredit Bank Austria helped Ulrike Eckerstorfer’s artisanal ‘La Schachtula’ establish her first shop in Vienna not only with a favourable microcredit, but with comprehensive actionable advice. Read this success story! 

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With an enduring commitment to sustainability and detailed craftsmanship, Ulrike Eckerstorfer’s artisanal ‘La Schachtula’ prides itself on “homemade gifts that tug at the heartstrings”. Her pieces, suitable for every occasion and ranging from tea towels to cuddly toys, are sourced from 100% natural materials and tell a vivid story grounded in both Austrian heritage and her own family history, having been taught to sew by her mother at a young age.

For Ulrike, regionality is both a deeply rooted and passionately lived philosophy.

That is why she not only opts for 100% Austrian materials, but wholly Austrian supply chains. Her fabrics derive from exclusively selected partners and are woven in the heartlands of Vorarlberg and the Mühlviertel region (Upper Austria).

Sustainability informs every decision and sits at the very core of her value proposition, from product right down to handmade packaging. 

In March 2021, spurred on to take the reins and play an active role in stimulating a domestic economy beset by Covid-19, Ulrike took the courageous step to open a second shop in Vienna.

UniCredit Bank Austria had supported Ulrike in the establishment of her first shop. Believing that good ideas deserve a chance, UniCredit Bank Austria were determined to help Ulrike’s business continue to thrive.

Through MicroCredits, UniCredit is able to promote the crea tion and development of small companies not only through conventional forms of financing, but also by making the necessary expertise available.
A MicroCredit is part of the Social Impact Banking Initiative and an effective instrument for corporate and social development. UniCredit Bank Austria extended a MicroCredit so Ulrike could finance her ambition and benefit from access to a network of mentors, who provided her with more day-to- day, holistic advice.

In August, Ulrike joyfully threw open the doors to her new premises in Vienna’s first district in a ceremony shared with close friends, city representatives and the local press. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation, there are now two locations where consumers can find Ulrike’s unique brand of ‘homemade happiness’.

Despite the entrepreneurial challenges and uncertainty of expanding during a global pandemic, Ulrike’s courage paid off, and she fulfilled her long-standing dream of growing her business with UniCredit Bank Austria’s help. Reflecting on the leap she made, she commented: “UniCredit Bank Austria has supported us in this big step.
Not only with a favourable microcredit, but with comprehensive actionable advice. The many lockdowns were a challenge. But I used the time to design new products. Despite the Pandemic, I knew it was the right time to further grow my business”


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