During the 79th Venice International Film Festival UniCredit launched a special initiative to support companies in the Italian film and audiovisual industry, thus ensuring our Bank's renewed commitment to supporting the entire industry as well as boosting tech innovation.


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From the first Oscar for best foreign film in history to the international success of our directors, Italian cinema represents one of the Made in Italy distinctions and continues to shine light on Italy's name across the world.  


The UniCredit initiative was presented at the Excelsior Hotel in Venice as part of the 79th Venice International Film Festival with the intention of guaranteeing our Bank's commitment to supporting the entire audiovisual sector, from production to distribution.  


The new solutions include investment support for companies in the sector, with dedicated financing and specific lines of credit, to stimulate tech innovation, new productions and the opening or renovation of cinemas. 

Over the past two years, UniCredit has financed the sector with more than 200 million euros in funding (medium-long term, short-term lines, etc.) net of Tax Credit. It has also helped companies start new funding channels, accompanying them in capital market operations, such as supply chain Basket Bonds (Basket Bond Cultura by Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment S.p.A., Lucky Red, Leone Film Group, Minerva Pictures Group) and promoting initiatives aimed at training the profiles highly in demand in the audiovisual market, also encouraging financial education paths (partnership with ANICA Academy).


Annalisa Areni head of UniCredit Client Strategies commented on the initiative: "As UniCredit we believe in the Made in Italy audiovisual industry’s great development and innovation potential. UniCredit wants to be a strategic partner for companies in the sector and promote the growth of the Italian cultural and creative industry, providing advice and valuable solutions to help companies in the supply chain face a market that is being redefined."

We are ready to go back to the cinema, are you?