UniCredit kicks-off its new digital security education path campaign to help you enjoy your digital life with confidence, guiding you to a safe and secure lifestyle so that you can protect your devices, recognise a secure site, escape the traps of social engineering and much more.  

2:00 min

How do you keep your passwords safe and protect your personal data?
We put the question to Serena Stelitano, one of our Digital Security experts. Your bank account details, passwords or credit card numbers are valuable data.  But beware, others also find this data attractive!

Hackers use social engineering techniques to gain your trust and manipulate you to break normal security protection and perform unsafe actions, such as revealing your personal data and account information as well as opening malicious attachments or links.
In our dedicated video Serena “talks” about social engineering attacks and how to safeguard your data.   

Watch the video here >> How to avoid social engineering attacks - YouTube