How do we try to address educational inequality across the continent, while ensuring we effectively reach all of the communities we work in? How are we looking to the future to support the next generation of learners? In our first episode of the brand-new season of Conversations Unlocked – the UniCredit Podcast, we sat down with Wendy Kopp, CEO and Founder of Teach For All and Silvia Cappellini, General Manager of the newly relaunched UniCredit Foundation.

2:00 min

The first episode in our new season of Conversations Unlocked is here! 


This week, we invited Wendy Kopp and Silvia Cappellini along to the studio to discuss their ambition on closing the educational gap in Europe. They discuss how to ensure all children across the continent fulfil their educational potential. 



We ask how important education is in solving Europe’s wider issues, and how broad ideas can be used in vastly different types of European communities – whether it be a small town in Italy or a city in Croatia.

Wendy said: "Our partners, and there are 20 of them across Europe, are working to galvanize the kind of rising generation of promising leaders in their countries, people of all academic backgrounds and career interests, to channel their energy into ensuring that all kids thrive into initially teaching for two years in under-resourced communities.”  



Meanwhile, Silvia said: “If I may use Mandela’s words, we know that education is essential, but it is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” 

With a refreshed look and feel, our second season of Conversations Unlocked focuses on discussing the biggest challenges facing Europe. 


Tune in and listen to our conversation on how UniCredit and our guests are dealing with these issues. 


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