Startup Your Life is UniCredit's Banking Academy project, which since 2017, has been helping Italian high school students develop the skill set needed for the job market. This year’s sixth edition of the programme aims at reaching over 400 schools and 40,000 students and teachers.

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Since 2017, Startup Your Life, UniCredit's Banking Academy project, has offered a free PCTO programme that involving more than 150,000 students over the years.   


A few weeks ago we opened the sixth edition of the programme with the aim of reaching over 400 schools and 40,000 students and teachers across Italy.


We know that the technical knowledge required by the job market changes very quickly, but we also know the key ingredients that can make young people competitive and ready for different scenarios, meaning the skill-set needed for working in a company or starting their own business.

This is why Startup Your Life is working to train young people to:

  • Manage a fintech project to design innovative payment products or services

  • Launch their own business idea

  • Know about funding solutions to develop a project or start a business (financial skills)


The programme comprises an innovative format that offers:  

  • An online platform for cooperative learning: simple, interactive and always available 

  • Meetings at school or online with UniCredit employees and ex-employees who offer their knowledge and experience to the school on a volunteer basis 

  • Online teaching closely linked to the realisation of project work, to practise what has been studied step by step and see the concrete results  

  • contest to award the best fintech services/products and business ideas 

Remo Taricani, Deputy Head of Italy commented: “Helping the young generation means believing in the future of Italy and Europe. This is why as a bank we invest in projects and paths dedicated to youth and students. We believe that the country's growth also depends on the growth of the skills of our students to whom we offer a structured route to develop the main skills required by the job market. A concrete way to generate a positive social impact in the medium to long term".

This is an opportunity for students and not only. In fact, teachers too have the chance to increase their knowledge, receiving certification of training credits for the content we make available to them.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education.