How is culture nurtured? How do financial institutions like UniCredit foster positive culture in the face of an economic crisis? Our second episode of Conversations Unlocked, answers these questions as we talk to Pedro Moneo, CEO and Founder of Opinno and Rebecca Tusa, Chief of Staff to the CEO at UniCredit.


2:00 min

Conversations Unlocked is back for Season Two!


This week, we invited Pedro Moneo and Rebecca Tusa along to the studio to discuss how we can implement, maintain, and nurture workplace cultures, while making sure our teams are ready to adapt to the demands of a modern workplace. 


We wonder if big companies across the continent are making mistakes, by prioritising profit and allowing cultural targets to become secondary. We also discuss how larger, more established institutions can learn from start-ups, and the way they approach working life. 

Pedro said: “We created a department and a team taking care of culture and a set of tools for our current vision of culture, which is something that has to expand and spread even outside the organisation. I wanted to build a culture so that people outside my organization fall in love with us.”  



Meanwhile UniCredit’s Chief of Staff Rebecca explained: “We had a real endemic issue where people would just feel they had no choice but to hide things that had gone wrong. And that [culture transformation] takes a lot of time. You have to build up trust, which can’t happen overnight. We’re talking years, but its critical.” 

With a refreshed look and feel, our second series of Conversations Unlocked focuses on discussing the biggest challenges Europe is facing. 


Tune in and listen to our conversation on how UniCredit and our guests are dealing with these issues. 


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