In episode 4 of our Conversations Unlocked - The UniCredit Podcast, we take a deep dive into our ESG strategy with Fiona Melrose, Head of Group Strategy & ESG, sharing her insights and top tips for success.   

2:00 min

Fiona Melrose is passionate about all things ESG, so when we asked the Head of Group Strategy & ESG to talk to us about UniCredit’s ambitious objectives, she was more than happy to join us. 

In the fourth episode of our Conversations Unlocked podcast series, “ESG in all we do”, Fiona explains why working together across the bank is essential to unlocking our potential as a Group and why, as we build the bank of Europe’s future together, each of the pillars of our strategy is equally important.

“…when you look at UniCredit, it is a collection of 13 banks in 13 different geographies. So for us to reap the proper synergies and the benefits of being a Group, we really, really need to work together.” 


To find out why social responsibility is just as crucial as our environmental actions and corporate governance, tune into Conversations Unlocked and enjoy the series on-the-go. 


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