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UniCredit Foundation Unconference

Form to propose a roundtable discussion


What is an "unconference"? Unlike traditional conferences, an unconference is a participant-oriented meeting where the attendees decide on the agenda, discussion topics, workshops.


We believe this gathering offers a valuable opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between organizations and contribute to the development of a robust network, rooted in the exchange of best practices and mutual support.


The Unconference will revolve around a central theme, serving as a guiding principle throughout our two days together: conflict, in all its forms  (social, cultural, educational and within the family). Understanding  those conflicts can provide organizations with deeper insights into the underlying causes and dynamics of educational poverty and with effective tools to address it.


Interested participants are invited to propose topics related to the central theme, which will be discussed at dedicated tables where other organizations can participate. The organization will be responsible for the roundtable where the proposed theme will be discussed and will decide - within practical feasibility - how to conduct the activities.  

Don't be scared! You won't be alone, moderators will be there to guide you, and we'll always be at your disposal.


When selecting discussion topics, we encourage participants to choose subjects that resonate with them while also considering their relevance to individuals from different countries and their alignment with their respective fields of work (education).


Only one form must be completed per organization. Additionally, we remind you that filling it out is not mandatory: only those interested in proposing a discussion topic and managing the related roundtable should complete it.

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