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Eubiosia "Franco Pannuti" Award 2020 for Rest-Cent Italy

Eubiosia 'Franco Pannuti' Award 2020 for Rest-Cent Italy

Eubiosia "Franco Pannuti" Award 2020. An award to the companies and associations closest to Fondazione ANT.


The Covid-19 emergency has disrupted our lives in every aspect, but it has also brought out unexpected resources, both from individual citizens, who have created important community experiences, and from the economic and philanthropic world which has reacted promptly to the new scenario, offering new solutions and showing great resilience and solidarity. And these two words, resilience and solidarity, are the fil rouge of the Eubiosia Award "Franco Pannuti" 2020, the traditional recognition that ANT Foundation dedicates to the companies and associations that contribute to its mission, making it possible to offer medical-specialist home care to 10,000 cancer patients and over 25,000 cancer prevention visits to citizens every year.


Time does not permit the traditional ceremony, but ANT did not want to renounce - especially this year - to meet virtually all the realities that in these difficult months have been beside it and have contributed to protect, in their homes, thousands of cancer patients, the most fragile subjects in the scenario upset by the Coronavirus.


Through online conversations with benefactors, soon to be available on the Foundation's social profiles and on, ANT has built a great story of resilience and solidarity that reveals a generous Italy capable of mobilizing quickly in the face of emergencies.


UniCredit is one of the recipients of the award in the category "Project that has most encouraged employee participation and involvement", with the following motivation: "For having chosen to dedicate the Rest-Cent Italy initiative to Fondazione ANT, a fundraising drive launched by UniCredit among its employees, and for the donations made by members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors. The contribution will go to support ANT's activities of free medical assistance to cancer patients at this period of health emergency.


UniCredit Foundation, as per its mission, will continue to promote the culture of volunteering and solidarity among UniCredit employees and will double the amount gathered by the colleagues for subsequent donation to ANT.


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