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Tutta un'Altra Musica - AllegroModerato


UniCredit Foundation has decided to give impetus to the "All Another Music" project, launched in 2012 for hospitalised children; even without any musical knowledge, they can experience musical workshops, try different symphonic instruments and, led by professional musicians, they can reinterpret great pieces of classical music.


A veritable small orchestra, with its musicians often in dressing gowns or pyjamas, with plasters and medical bands, on a IV drip or in a pram. An orchestra that brings children together and allows them to get to know each other, have fun and learn, know music and real instruments.

An orchestra where parents can also take part, playing with their children, alleviating their concerns before or after a physical examination or just feeling close to them - when illness has forced them to stay apart - and do something beautiful and original in an environment that is often poor of proposals. Avoid that often heightens tensions and negative feelings in parents and children.


Hospitalised children at Buzzi Hospital play together with peers who are there just for a visit thus making the often long and tedious wait an unexpected moment of fun even for parents, who sometimes discover in their children hidden musical aptitudes, an altogether particular vitality, or on the contrary an unusual composure compared to the usual exuberance.




AllegroModerato is a social cooperative that deals with physical and mental disability through music therapy in the belief that the refinement of communication and relational qualities conquered with music can be  reinvested in all everyday experiences of persons with disabilities. The person who has difficulty in organising their thoughts and managing emotions and relationships, finds in the music the opportunity to express and share his own inner world.

AllegroModerato provides different courses: orchestral training, chamber music, rock band, singing and choral workshop, digital music and Symphony Orchestra.